Go Bananas for High blood pressure!

by irenefk on June 5, 2009

Go bananas! for high blood pressure, are you kidding? Now 2-a-day is what will help those high blood pressure reading in my opinion.

You see the banana is an all natural way to keep the blood pressure from rising and to help it maintain the normal state. How?

Some of their great qualities include the great B6 which plays an important in the glucose of our blood and it great quieting or calming of our moods. Potassium is an awesome tool for keeping the blood pressure normal as it helps with its regulation, keeps our muscles from tiredness and also helps keep us alert to our surroundings. Add a banana to your diet when exercising for that much needed fuel when weight-lifting, jogging or even out walking.

Available to all of us all year long as they are a tropical fruit. They are also quite convenient for lunch boxes, snacks on the go and their shelf life is a few days also.

Bananas are rich in this substance-tryptophan-an ingredient called amino acids which help our bodies make the important serotonin, a transmitter to help us keep depression, anxiety and sleep disorders in check.

Bananas are great for pregnant women as they sure can help some with morning sickness and help with heartburn during the pregnancy. Sure is a great improvement of not taking antacids for sure.

Another neat idea, have you ever used the skin of a banana for rubbing on insects bites on the legs and arms?

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